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Clinical Trials

Sjögren's Syndrome Centers:

PENN Sjogren's Syndrome Center

University of Pennsylvania Health Center. The PENN Sjogren's Syndrome Center is the only major treatment center within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia. Its referral base includes not only the tri-state area, but also patients from around the United States and overseas. The center features a network of specialists at Presbyterian and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to deal with various Sjogren's-related problems.

RHEUMATOLOGY & Sjögren's Links


Cleveland Clinic on Sjogren's Syndrome

Swedish Sjogren's Syndrome Association Presents: State of the Art Lectures on Sjögren's Syndrome held at the 100-year Anniversary of Henrik Sjögren in September 1999 in Jönköping, Sweden.

Australia: Lupus Association of Tasmania Lupus & Sjogren's Syndrome Support, and other autoimmune diseases.

Canada: Sjogren's Society of Canada
Canadian Society
organized to improve conditions for patients and to encourage research into this complicated and overlooked disease in Canada.

United States:
Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation A national foundation with the goal to educate and encourage research for new treatments for Sjogren's Syndrome.

MedicineNet's Sjogren's Syndrome Links

Sjogren's Syndrome e-medicine

The Arthritis Foundation Sjögren's Syndrome Page

National Institute of Health Q & A about Sjögrens Syndrome


American College of Rheumatology

Dry.Org — Internet resources for Sjogren's Syndrome


Antibodies May Hold Secret - EurekAlert

Information on Drugs

This online resource has comprehensive and up-to-date drug information. It also has a nice pill identification process that you may well find handy, and using their drug interactions link, you can list everything you take and check for interactions. The site also has latest news and new drugs links.


Medical Product Safety Information from U.S. Food and Drug Administration with links to more related information.

Pill Power

Recommended by Money Magazine, assists in finding generic equivalents, links. Tips on how to keep drug costs down.


by Daiichi Pharmaceuticals, treatment for Sjogren's Syndrome Dryness has a brand new website. Check it out for details of this drug.


Provides fast reliable information for medical professional and consumers. Tabers Medical Encyclopedia, Drug Information, searches, and more.

Medscape DrugInfo

Searchable database, by drug or disease. The database combines information from the National Drug Data File with information from the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information.


You may qualify for assistance with prescription costs if you have no prescription coverage with your health insurance. Member companies of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) created a directory. It lists company programs that provide drugs for patients could not otherwise afford them.

Drug InfoNet

Provides both information and links to areas on the web concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics.

Information site on how to get medicines when you cannot afford them. Search by company or drug. Other drug information is also available.

Medical Links

Celiac and Sjogren's Syndrome

MeSjogren's syndrome (SS) has been reported in up to 15% of patients with biopsy proven celiac disease (CD)


Medical Information. You must register to use. An excellent source of information. Primarily an online source for doctors and other medical professionals, but anyone can join.


Health Information Provided by The University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University and Case Western University. Offers electronic encyclopedias, patient education materials, handbooks, magazines, and literature databases.


Provides: Health Topics, Drug Information, Medical Dictionaries, Directories and credentials of doctors, dentists, and hospitals. Access to organizations, health libraries, Medline and other Resources.

Harvard Medical School Consumer Health Information

Online database for conditions, drug searches, interactive health tools and more. InteliHealth offers free health e-mails on nearly 20 topics.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

National Institutes of Health site.

America's Best Hospitals 2005

US News & World Reports selection, 2001. You can explore this database.

Iritis and Uveitis

Doctor's Guide

A place to do a search on any subject, that finds links to news in the medical field.

Information on Mental Health

Mental Health Network (MHN)

An excellent site for psychological information on various forms of depression and other neuropsychological problems. Drug information is also found here for treating these problems.

Information on Pain

Surviving Dry Eye Pain

NIND Chronic Pain Pages

American Academy of Pain Management

American Pain Society

Disability Information

Disability Issues

Social Security Disability Secrets 

Personal Sites of Sjogren's Patients and
Support Groups

Sjogren's Syndrome Free Resource Site by Mark Allen

From Patient to Patient: A Survival Guide by Patty Cyr

Lynne's Page about  Sjogren's Syndrome

Medical Search Engines

National Library of Medicine



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